Morgan Philpot vs Dan Hemmert

More information coming soon. I am supporting Morgan Philpot in this race.

Philpot vs Hemmert






Dan Hemmert

Education & Profession – Brigham Young University – Marriott School of Management (LinkedIn information)

Party affiliation – Republican

Voting Record – Not available

Highlights of Campaign – Education and Count My Vote

How much did candidate pay for gathering signatures  – $400 to Gathering Inc.

Specific PAC, special interesting groups etc. that helped or support the candidate –

$2000 plus direct mail piece from Education First a PAC that is pushing Common Core

direct mail – Count My Vote

Campaign Finance – Dan told me he is self funding his campaign (see story below). His interpretation and mine must be different because he has taken thousands of dollars form a special interest group and other sources.

Links to itemized contribution report-   2016 Convention Report –  (Source of Info)

Believes in or is supported by Common Core special Interest Groups – YES

Parents for choice in Education Score Card – No history available. Dan did get $2000 and a free mailer to promote his campaign from the Education First an organization who is proposing about a 1% tax increase to help fund education. “Education First” supports Common Core (additional info)

What other candidates are in Education’s First Pocket?

Xani Haynie, House of Representatives Candidate, House District 57, including portions of American Fork and Pleasant Grove.

Curt Bramble, Senate Candidate, Senate District 16 including portions of Provo, Orem, and Wallsburg.

Rick Moore, House of Representatives Candidate, House District 67, including portions of Payson, Santaquin, Genola, and Cedar Fort.

Becky Edwards, House of Representatives Candidate, House District 67, including portions of Payson, Santaquin, Genola, and Cedar Fort.


I think Dan is a good guy but I have two issues with him.

  1. I was invited to a meeting on June 14th that was sponsored by Kevin Stratton where Dan addressed question from the attendees. One of the question I had for Dan was about his campaign financing. He said in essence that he  had a good carrier and is “self funding his campaign” I wanted to clarify that so I said does that mean you have not received and money from PAC’s or special interest groups. He said he had not. So that evening I pulled his contribution report for the period ending April 6 2016, over two month earlier.   This report clearly shows he is not self funding and he received $2000 from Education First (a special interest group) and a direct mail piece from Count My Vote. Donald Trump is also self funding his campaign and received 13 million plus dollars in contribution. Another interesting thing about the money he put in it is marked as a loan.
  2. The second issue I have is his education speak. On one of his brochures it says…

“My approach to Education:

Empower parents by giving them choice, information and data so they can make the best decisions about their child’s education and then pursue the path they fill best for them.”

I support this statement but Dan does not. When I asked him about parents right to choose what is best for their children’s education financing that education he said in essence that parents don’t have the right to take any money allocated for the child’s education from tax dollars and divert it a different education that best fits the child. In my mind this is in direct conflict with the statement in his brochure. The choice that the single parent, low to middle income family to do anything other than public school is snatched away from them. This is wrong. But considering Dan received $2000 form Education First his position makes total sense.



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