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This race is between Brian Greene a well respected conservative and strong advocate of peoples rights and limited government and political newcomer, Xani Haynie. Lets dive into some facts about each candidate. We will start with Xani.


Education & Profession – Masters of Business Administration for the U of U / Director of Sales (LinkedIn information)

Party affiliation – Register Republican – however in pre-convention debate with Brian held at the doTerra Bldg. in April, she stated multiple times that she had been advising with Representative. Patrice M. Arent (A Huge Democrat leader from Dist. 36) on key economic issues.  This shows that she prefers to be advised by a Democrates rather than a Republican.

Voting Record – The records would indicate that the last time Xani voted was in a primary election in 2008. (Link to Record) Clearly she does not take voting seriously!

Highlights of Campaign – I have received several brochure with her information on it and the main message is education (NOTE: about 25% of here funding comes from a PAC called Education First that supports Common Core. The next major issue she is behind is count my vote.

How much did candidate pay for gathering signatures  – $400 to Gathering Inc.

Specific PAC, special interesting groups etc. that helped or support the candidate –

$3500 Education First- PAC that is pushing Common Core

$1000 Count My Vote PAC

$1000 Utah Labor Legislative Committee – Could not find specific info but this  disclosure statement is interesting and might shed some light on Xani’s party conviction. Look at the first item under Schedule A it is the Utah Labor Legislative Committee donating money to a democrat.


Campaign Finance – Xani has only received about $393 from with in  Pleasant Grove and American Fork; thats only 3.29% The balance of $11545 or 96.71% is coming from outside of her District. Do you think she really cares about what you think when our district is not supporting her. I don’t think so! She is relying on signs and flyers to to create awareness with those that don’t have time to dig into the facts. That is what I created this website to offer a simple way to find the FACTS and cut to the truth.

Links to itemized contribution report-   These reports tell the story  2016 Convention Report2016 Primary Report  – (Source of Info)

Believes in or is supported by Common Core special Interest Groups – YES

Parents for choice in Education Score Card – No history available. Xani did get the endorsement and a free mailer to promote her campaign from the Education First an organization who is proposing about a 1% tax increase to help fund education. It looks like Xani has made some kind of commitment to “Education First” who supports Common Core (additional info) or why would ties to the organization contribut almost $3500 to help finance her campaign.  The below screen grab was taken from Xani’s Primary Contribution Report she files with the state. (see above link). You might ask yourself “the donation address does not match the Education First address whats up with that.” Take a look at the about page of Education First and specifically Bob Marquardt, President of Management and Training Corporation. If you do a search for 500 N Marketplace Dr Centerville UT MTC you will see that Bob’s company is at this location.

Education First funding

What other candidates are in Education’s First Pocket?

Dan Hemmert, Senate Candidate, Senate District 14, including portions of Alpine, American Fork, Cedar Hills, and Highland.

Curt Bramble, Senate Candidate, Senate District 16 including portions of Provo, Orem, and Wallsburg.

Rick Moore, House of Representatives Candidate, House District 67, including portions of Payson, Santaquin, Genola, and Cedar Fort.

Becky Edwards, House of Representatives Candidate, House District 67, including portions of Payson, Santaquin, Genola, and Cedar Fort.


Education & Profession – J.D. from BYU / Lawyer

Party affiliation – Life time Republican

Voting Record – 

Highlights of Campaign – Brian Greene tackles and defends issues like “Limiting Government over reach”, State Sovereignty”, “Economic Liberty”, “Fiscal Responsibility in Government”, “Educational Choice”and “Individual Responsibility”.

How much did candidate pay for gathering signitures  – $0

Specific PAC, special interesting groups etc. that financing candidate –

$500 Hughes Leadership PAC – Organization to fight against federal encroachment in education

$500 U.T.E. PAC – Is a PAC that is trying to call the attention to out of state super PACs that are trying to influence delegates and voters. FOX13 article.

Campaign Finance – Brian has received about $10,931 from with in Utah County; (mostly Pleasant Grove) that’s  70% of the money contributed to his campaign comes from within his home county.  The balance of $4650 or 30% is coming from outside Utah County. He has the support of local businesses, and leaders that value his judgments and incites.  A local leader helping local people that’s what a house representative should do.

Links to itemized contribution report –  2016 Convention Report2016 Primary Report.  (Source of info).

Believes in or is supported by Common Core special Interest Groups – NO

Parents for choice Education Score Card – 100% (link to facts)


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