You have a right to know researched information about a candidate.

Utah MapThis website was created to help flush out some of that facts you might not know about the candidates in your area. If you spend just 30 minutes on this site looking at the information and the supporting links, I believe you will be a much more informed voter. Time is short and we only have until June 28th. We believe that choosing an elected representative is more about who the person is and their values, beliefs and actions than the amount of signage they have, how much money they have, how big of a splash they make at a parade or what they give away. Below is a factual analysis of three political races that are going on and what I have found out by digging deep into the FACTS. I hope my research helps you as much as it has helped me to solidify by choices.

CMV-thumbFor FACTS on each candidate and their campaign Click on the photos below. To play my  video commentary on Count My Vote Candidates that summarizes much of the data I found, click the play icon to the right.

House of Representatives – District 57  

(Brian Greene – left and Xani Haynie – Right)









Senate District 14 (Click photo for more info candidates)

Morgan Philpott-left and Dan Hemmert-right

Philpot vs Hemmert







2016 Utah Governor  (Click photo for more info candidates)

Johnathan Johnson-left and Gary Herbert-right